friends drinking cbd coffee without coffee jitters

What Are Coffee Jitters?

Every coffee drinker has experienced it: you’re sipping on coffee after coffee trying to get through the work day when it hits you. That rush of anxiety and nervousness that pulses through your body in waves, making it impossible for you to focus on the task at hand. You begin to sweat as you take shallow breaths. It’s an awful feeling that can overwhelm and ruin your entire day. This is collectively known as the “coffee jitters”. But what exactly are the coffee jitters, and what can you do to avoid them? Thankfully, the Bidio Blends team is here to help.

So, What Are The Coffee Jitters?

The coffee bean itself produces a chemical compound known universally as caffeine. This caffeine blocks adenosine, the natural chemical in our bodies that causes sleepiness. As the caffeine blocks the adenosine from firing signals off to the rest of your body, you in turn feel much more alert and awake. At the same time, coffee also fires off adrenaline that courses through your body, increasing blood pressure and constricting blood vessels. This forces the heart to work harder as you drink more and more coffee, leaving your body with an excess of adrenaline that can’t travel through your body as quickly as it normally does. You in turn feel all the symptoms of stress such as nervousness, heart palpitations, anxiety, and of course—jitters.

How To Avoid The Jitters

Wait It Out

Coffee jitters aren’t permanent or long lasting, as caffeine doesn’t last more than six hours in your system. Even then, caffeine from coffee is usually used up after an hour. If you’re still feeling the typical jitters symptoms after 30 minutes, trust that they should dissipate within the next 30.

Avoid Heavy Amounts of Coffee

This can be rather difficult for heavy coffee drinkers, however cutting back on caffeine will most definitely lead to less and less jitters over time. Of course, your body grows to rely and expect the same amount of caffeine each day, and so without it the body goes into withdrawal. This can lead to symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, headache, fatigue, depression, and irritability. Depending on how long you’ve been drinking a heavy amount of coffee will determine how long you could experience these caffeine withdrawal symptoms. 

Make The Switch To Bidio

You deserve a solution where you can continue enjoying great tasting coffee without having to experience the downside of the jitters. While you could elect for decaf, you’ll lose out on the benefits of caffeine, with a subpar taste. Thankfully, there’s another solution: Bidio Blends CBD coffee. The precision dosage of CBD perfectly balances the adverse effects you receive from caffeine, allowing you to enjoy a great tasting coffee without the coffee jitters. Enjoy a cup of Bidio CBD coffee today, shop now!