Bidio Distributors

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We here at Bidio are delighted to offer CBD Distributors options to add our product lines to their existing sales channels. Whether you are selling to large retailers, webstores, or smaller brick and mortar stores, we can offer great pricing, low minimum orders, logistic tracking, and customer service that will streamline the sales process. This is made possible through the Bidio Distributors Platform. Working with Bidio, will give you the opportunity to offer your customers the highest-quality CBD coffee & tea products on the market.

It’s simple to get started. Just fill out our registration form below with a brief description of your industry interests, and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Once approved, Distributor customers will be ready to start selling. With Bidio, selling CBD infused coffee and tea products could not be easier.

Distributors CBD Rates For

Distributors and Retailers

Bidio Distributor pricing are based on volume. Bidio recognizes that our Distributors will need deep discounts to move product through their sales channels. As your sales grow and volume increase, your prices will decrease.

Wholesale BIDIO FAQs

How to become a Distributor partner?

First you must be a business with a Federal Tax ID number. Fill out the Distributor Registration form to start the process.

How can I buy CBD coffee and tea?

Once you are approved to be a Bidio Distributor, you will receive a personal ID number which will give you access to our website. This gives you the ability use the Bidio Distributer platform platform as your privet fulfillment center.

What is the minimum wholesale order?

16 Master cases per SKU