woman drinking cbd coffee

Common CBD Coffee Misconceptions

As CBD coffee and other consumables on the market containing CBD become more and more popular, there’s an air of mysticism that’s arisen surrounding them. Make no mistake, CBD can offer a tremendous wealth of benefits, but there’s rumors that float around suggesting otherwise. We’re here to open the doors on CBD coffee’s most infamous misconceptions and nip them in the bud for you.

Myth: CBD Coffee Can Get You High
Fact: While it’s true CBD does come from the Cannabis plant—the same that THC (the psycho-stimulant in weed) comes from—CBD contains only very trace elements of THC and none of its psychoactive properties. This is because CBD is derived from hemp, and THC comes from the marijuana plant. Both are within the Cannabis plant family, but are distinctly different in their effects. This tends to be the most popular coffee misconception, as people may avoid it out of fear of getting high unintentionally, however you have nothing to fear—you can’t get high from CBD coffee.

Myth: CBD Coffee Makes No Sense Since They Cancel Each Other Out!
Fact: When you think of CBD coffee, it might not make any sense. The natural caffeine in coffee should negate the relaxing properties that have been known to come with CBD for some users. In fact, many CBD users will take it right before going to bed to help them sleep. So how does CBD coffee work? CBD is known to smoothen out the rushes and anxiety that tend to come with the caffeine within coffee, removing the jitters altogether. So rather than cancel each other out, they actually work in conjunction to provide you with a smooth experience to start your day, every day.

Myth: CBD and CBD Coffee Tastes Terrible
Fact: While a product may offer potential benefits, the smell or taste alone could put you off from it altogether. This has been the case with many CBD products, including CBD Coffee. While other coffees out there may try to mask the taste of CBD through the coffee itself, they can never seem to get it right. That’s not the case with Bidio. We utilize the highest quality CBD available in conjunction with our finest hand selected fair trade, organically grown, and certified kosher coffee to create a great tasting coffee that can become your daily cup every morning.

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