Can CBD Help Fight COVID?

Could CBD really be the key to stopping COVID from infecting humans? According to a lab study published in the Journal of Nature Products, this might be the case! CBD has been known to provide a number of potential remedies for users, so it’s no surprise that it may have the capabilities of stopping COVID infections before they ever occur.

During a lab test conducted at the University of Oregon, researchers tested two main compounds found within hemp: cannabigerolic acid, or CBGA, and cannabidiolic acid, or CBDA—where CBD is derived from. During a chemical screening, they found that both CBGA and CBDA bound directly to proteins within the COVID virus, blocking it from taking the necessary steps towards infecting someone. While initial tests have not been conducted on humans, it leads to some promising results: CBD might just be the missing puzzle piece to slowing down COVID infections to a halt.

CBD has a long history of being safe for human consumption, making this a potentially highly accessible treatment for people. across the globe. As we await further testing to be conducted, as well as potential human testing in both healthy people and those currently infected, we can only look forward to seeing the possible life saving effects that CBD will have.

What Else Can CBD Potentially Help Remedy?

CBD offers a number of potential health benefits when taken. With more and more research being conducted daily on cannabinoids, we grow closer and closer to learning the full spectrum of CBD’s health benefits. Some of the possible benefits that can come with regularly taking CBD include:

  • May Help Relieve Pain
  • May Reduce Mental Health Related Symptoms
  • May Help Reduce Cancer Related Symptoms
  • May Help Slow Down Neurodegenerative Disorders
  • May Help Overall Cardiovascular Health